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About Us

Hey You!

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to give our little store a visit!

We are extremely passionate about offering furniture products that allow you to simplify your living space, all while bringing you those precious comforts that lovingly welcome you after a long, hard day.

Our Convertible Loungers are the backbone of our business. They are ethically crafted, upholstered in your choice of soft microfiber or linen, and include plush decorative pillows to match!


Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves, what we do, and our goals for the future!

We are a small, but passionate group of people who work closely together in running this store! We pride ourselves on our ability to overcome and our ability to serve you well.

Hard work, sweat and tears are the building blocks that have molded our culture as a team...


In our early stages, just as we continue to do now with significantly more experience, we really took the opportunity to thoroughly communicate with our customers to over time, get a better and better understanding of what people like you may be searching for, but unable to find...

We started out selling loungers one by one, by one. It was truly a grueling process of never giving up, but friendly and happy customers are really what made everything worth it!

From our community, the requests for the loungers we sell started becoming more and more... So we had to find warehouses to store these in larger quantities. One thing led to another and now here we are, continuing to serve thousands of customers worldwide with our very own online store!

We have gained immeasurable expertise just by talking with our many customers on a regular basis. We sincerely appreciate you and we love hearing what you have to say. Any company that offers something great must have stellar listening ears... And be willing to make changes according to what people want! That's absolutely key.

And thanks to the customer feedback during those early stages, after having relentlessly fine-tuned what we offer, we now know that we do have the thing you've been searching for, but could never find— Until now.


Our goal has been to provide a motherly sense of comfort for our community to come home to - all while providing the added convenience of unique convertibility & distinct transformability to not only SAVE LIVING SPACE, but to offer you as many options of comfort as possible all with just 1 order!

We want to be your one-stop-shop for the one thing you need when you just want to relax. 


We're ordinary human beings just like you... We don’t have a $1 million marketing budget, we don’t wear dazzling high-end jewelry, we don’t drive fancy cars and live in massive houses... We simply have an idealistic vision of comfort that we hold dear to our hearts and a goal of making this a reality for you & your family.


So here’s the deal... We’ve created the store and offer Convertible Lounger products to make your life easier and more cozy in every way.


If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support department and we‘ll happily help you out as promptly as we can.


Thank you so much for reading this lengthy page! We hope our story and this initiative can make a difference within many homes around the world, and we want you all to be a part of something great.


- CEO & Team