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Simplify Your Home with Natalie

Natalie Natalie

The way of the future is becoming clearer by the day!

Make a bed out of your loveseat? Perhaps you wish to recline each side in 5 different positions...

It's Convenient, It's Easy...

People all across the world are choosing to decorate, design and even redesign their homes in a way that makes living so much easier and more convenient.

Why should we have a piece of furniture in our homes that doesn't grant us the ability to use it in more than one way? The old way of decking out our homes in plush furniture was to buy multiple pieces to fulfill multiple purposes... Now, people all across the world have discovered that there is a much better, simpler way!

This new way, which is exactly what we consistently and exclusively offer, is to have one piece of furniture that can cover all the bases of your many different uses; like sitting, reclining, sleeping and more...

What Does It Feel Like?

Our Convertible Lounger products fulfill the needs that people have desired to be fulfilled for a very long time. People often ask us about the experience of sitting upon our Convertible Lounger products...

We can tell you that these loungers will gently mold to your body whether you sit or lay upon it. Once you get up, our highly durable cushion readjusts right back to where it was!

Although the cushion is relatively firm and back supporting, the gentle molding feature creates a softening effect— This is why people whether or not they're looking for something soft or even if they're looking for something on the firmer side to support their back, are falling in love with our loungers!

Not only are the purposes of our loungers dynamic in that they allow multiple applications of use (sleeping, sitting, etc), but they're also dynamic in the sense of comfort. If you're looking for something soft, this is for you. If you're looking for something on the firmer side, this is for you!

When you sit or lay upon our loungers, it'll feel like you're floating in the air. There's this very interesting phenomenon that occurs when you sit or lay upon something that temporarily molds to your body... When furniture temporarily molds to your body, it's as if you become one with that piece of furniture because it's almost like you can't even feel what's beneath you! One of our many happy customers named Kathy jokes that, "it's even better than skydiving!"

Comfort-wise, our loungers are a dream come true...

Give yourself the chance to experience

your next-level of relaxation!

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Our Relationships With Our Customers...

It's no coincidence that "Easy Living Room" is the name of our company.

After servicing more than 1,000 people with their furniture needs, we've had the pleasure of developing wonderful relationships with our customers!

We love our customers!

In addition to our furniture allowing life around your home to be made easier for you, your journey with us, meaning, your experience with us as human beings behind this company, is super easy as well.

There are multiple avenues upon which you can reach out to us...

We offer a flexible 24/7 live chat, lightning fast email support at and as a matter of fact, my name is Natalie and I'm actually one of the customer service reps here at the company!

I work the 10am - 6pm EST shift and there's a very good chance you'll be hearing from me personally whenever you reach out! We also have other reps by the names of Charlene, Michael, Grace and Darren who work tirelessly to ensure that you have an amazing experience both pre-purchase and post-purchase as well!

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Before you go...

Our sale will be ending soon.

Without further ado, please be sure to place your order in time for one or more of our loungers before the price increases!

We hope that you're able to take advantage of the current discount and I really look forward to hearing about how much you love what you received!




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Convertible Lounger Chair


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